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Ethnic Conditioners & Relaxers

 – As an African-American, your hair has a special set of needs, but the characteristics of your tresses also give you the freedom to choose a wide variety of hairstyles. Ethnic conditioners and relaxers can help you get the look you've always wanted, whether it's a sleek, straight look or a head full of beautiful, natural curls. drugstore.com offers a great variety of ethnic conditioners and relaxers to help you get just the look you want. Shop our collection today and we will help you achieve the beautiful hair you’ve been dreaming of!
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Renpure Coconut Creme CoWash Cleansing Conditioner- 16 fl oz
Renpure - Coconut Creme CoWash Cleansing Conditioner - 16 fl oz
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What are Relaxers?

Relaxers are hair care products used to straighten and smooth African-American hair. These formulas break the disulfide bonds that hold hair in curls and waves and prevent those bonds from reforming. This is done through the use of a chemical with an alkaline pH, such as calcium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide. Conditioning relaxers are an excellent option for Black women because they contain moisturizers that lessen the risk of dryness developing due to the chemicals contained in the treatments.

Dryness and Moisturizing

Even if you do not relax your hair, dryness may be a major concern for you. African-American hair strands are typically broad and flat, giving them a large surface area. As a result, moisture evaporates from Black hair more quickly when the tresses are exposed to sunlight and the heat from blow dryers and flat irons. Moisturizing conditioners minimize the harmful impact of evaporation by nourishing the hair with emollients like shea butter or olive oil.

Because African-American hair is so susceptible to dehydration, it is at an increased risk for breakage. Certain hairstyles, including braided hairdos, can also weaken the strands and contribute to breakage, as can wearing some types of extensions and weaves. Anti-breakage ethnic conditioners are formulated to improve hair's strength, making it more flexible and less likely to snap off or split at the bottoms of the strands. To deliver results, these formulas often contain keratin, the protein that forms the outer covering of the hair strands.

Other Conditioning Options

In addition to using rinse-away moisturizing conditioners, African Americans can help promote softer, more manageable tresses by using leave-in conditioners. These products are spritzed onto wet or dry hair and impart moisture into the strands. Shampooing too frequently can strip African-American hair of its natural oils, and some women find that they are able to wash their tresses less regularly when they use cleansing conditioners in the shower or tub. These formulas help to remove dirt and other impurities but are less likely to strip away the hair's moisture than traditional shampoos.

Detanglers and Curl Definers

If managing your natural hairstyle on a daily basis is difficult, an ethnic conditioner may help to simplify your hair care routine. Detanglers can be used to make African-American hair easier to comb when wet. Curl defining conditioners allow you to shape and mold curls and waves with your fingers or a styling tool to create the perfect look. Smoothing ethnic conditioners limit the effects of humidity and reduce frizz.

The Key to a Good Hair Day

The key to having hair that you'll love and that reflects who you are is finding the right hair care products to care for your tresses on a daily basis. The ethnic conditioners and relaxers collection at drugstore.com has a wide array of solutions to help you meet the needs of your locks and get a style that makes you feel confident and excited that you can make every day a good hair day. Start shopping our hair care collection to build your healthy daily regimen.

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