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 –  All women grow hair on their upper lips and chins and between their eyebrows, but that doesn't mean they want that natural growth there. Facial hair can be a very embarrassing problem for women, particularly if the hair is long or dark and very noticeable as a result. Because of the nature of women's facial hair, safe shaving and hair removal options for ladies' faces are much different than they are for men’s. Instead of using a traditional razor to shave, you’ll need to find an alternative facial hair removal solution that suits your needs.
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Depilatories are one of the most commonly used types of hair removal products for the face. Typically a cream, lotion or gel, a depilatory is a chemical solution that is placed in the area of unwanted hair growth and left to rest. The solution goes to work, acting on the protein fibers that make up facial hair and causing them to break down. At the end of the treatment, the facial hair is soft and wipes away when the depilatory is removed. This method of hair removal only eliminates the visible portion of the hair, so regrowth typically occurs within 1 to 2 weeks after a treatment.

Women who want longer-lasting results from facial hair removal may prefer waxing to a depilatory. Waxing involves the use of a sticky solution, which is either spread across the face with an applicator or pressed onto the skin using a fabric or plastic strip. After the wax is in place and pushed firmly in the direction of hair growth, it is pulled off in the opposite direction, removing the hair beneath it, roots and all. Results from waxing usually last for 4 to 6 weeks, but many women find that the hair removal method is more painful than using a depilatory.

While depilatory and wax products are the most popular solutions for facial hair removal, there are other ways of managing unwanted facial hair. Special tweezer-type tools are available for removing one or two unwanted hairs from the complexion, while epilators use multiple tweezers, springs or wheels to remove large groups of hairs at the same time. Both methods of hair removal eliminate the roots of the hair as well as the visible growth for long-lasting results. You'll also find mini razors for shaving around the brows or removing hair from certain parts of the face and trimmers for reducing the length of the eyebrows and trimming hair in other areas, such as around the nose and ears.

Whether you prefer a depilatory, a waxing kit, an epilator or another hair removal solution for the face, drugstore.com can help you get the supplies and tools that you need to deal with unwanted facial hair. We make it easy to find the best solutions for removing facial hair from the chin and upper lip and to groom the brows to a perfect arch. With products from top brands priced affordably every day, our facial hair removal range can help you get the smooth, healthy complexion that you've always wanted. Shop our collection today.

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