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Electronic Shavers

 – Does it feel like you have to choose between having unwanted facial or body hair or having skin that's free of bumps and irritation? When you're sensitive to traditional razorblades, it can seem like you have to compromise the health of your skin to be fuzz or stubble-free, but you don't have to! drugstore.com can help you find an effective hair removal solution for a close shave with much less irritation. We have a wide selection of gentle electronic shavers available.
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Making Your Shave High Tech

Electronic shavers are hand-held tools that greatly simplify shaving. Typically powered by rechargeable or disposable batteries or electrical power, electronic shavers feature moving heads that lift hair away as you run them over your face or body.

Although electronic shavers are highly effective at removing facial and body hair, they are designed to greatly reduce the risk of shaving irritation. In addition to minimizing the risk of redness and bumps following a shave, an electronic shaver is engineered to protect the skin from nicks and cuts.

The Latest Solutions for Men

Daily shaving is essential to keeping a man's face smooth and free of stubble. Because men must shave so frequently, many guys prefer the convenience and gentle actions of electronic shavers.

There are two main types of electronic shavers offered specifically for shaving men's faces. The first type is the straight foil razor, which features a perforated piece of metal over top of a blade. When you run the razor along your skin, hair gets trapped in the openings in the foil, and the blade slices them off. Foil razors are compact and easy to control, making them appealing to many men.

The second type of men's electronic razor is the rotary razor. This type features three spinning heads that capture hairs like a foil razor. Then, blades beneath the heads cut the hairs. While rotary razors are larger than foil styles, they can cover a larger area of the complexion to speed up shaving.

Innovations for Women's Hair Removal Needs

Men aren't the only ones who shave, and some brands of electronic razors offer products designed specifically to meet women's needs. The unique shapes of women's electronic razors make them capable of moving over curved areas like the underarms and legs. Some are even gentle enough to use on the bikini line. Women's razors tend to be similar in design to men's foil electronic shavers, so they are lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Trimmers for His and Her Grooming

Looking for a simple way to shorten the length of hair without removing it? Electronic trimmers are the perfect solution. You can find styles with small heads that are intended for trimming areas like the eyebrows, nose and ears, and larger styles for areas like the pubic region. Men can purchase specially designed trimmers that can be used to groom beards, mustaches, goatees and sideburns. Some trimmers double as electronic shavers, giving you two grooming solutions in one.

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