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Shave Cream

 –  Shaving lubricants essentially date as far back as manual razors, and the two products have always gone hand in hand. Formulas with a foamy or creamy consistency have long been some of the most popular on the market because they are so easy to use, and you can find a wide assortment of shave creams here at drugstore.com. From general products for everyday shaving to specialty products for dry or sensitive skin, our selection includes something for everyone.
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Why Use Shaving Cream?

Shaving has the potential to be a pretty harsh process, since it involves running sharp blades across your sensitive skin. If the razor encounters too much drag, it can cause small nicks and cuts that are irritating at best and downright painful at worst. Shaving cream creates a lubricating barrier between the razor and your skin, so the blades glide more easily and avoid making direct contact. Used whenever you shave, these products can either greatly reduce or completely eradicate razor burn.

Shaving Cream Types and Advantages

"Shaving cream" is a term generally used to describe any shaving lubricant. Creams and foams are particularly popular types of shaving products because they are easy to apply and because a little goes a very long way. Shave creams are generally packaged in aerosol cans, and they increase exponentially in volume once they are dispensed. A layer can then be spread across the entire area of skin you are planning to shave.

Since these formulas are usually opaque once they are applied, it's easy to see exactly which areas have been shaved and which ones still need to be addressed. The thickness of these products also helps them suspend hairs upright so that they are easier to target.

Nourish Skin with Specialty Products

Among shaving creams, you can find several products that are formulated for troublesome skin. Moisturizing shave creams, for example, can be used to hydrate dry skin. Other products have antibacterial ingredients to stop the appearance of shave bumps. Certain creams are designed for extremely sensitive skin--such as that in the bikini region--and are packed with ingredients to make shaving as gentle as possible.

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