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Floss and Flossers

 – Flossing your teeth is an essential part of a good dental hygiene routine. You can use either traditional string dental floss or another type of flosser to clean the areas between your teeth and keep them free from plaque. Flossing every day can help to support the health of your teeth and gums, as well as leaving your mouth feeling clean and fresh. For extra freshness, choose floss that has a cool mint flavor.
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How to Choose a Flosser

For many people, string floss is an effective tool for cleaning between the teeth. However, other people find string floss difficult to manipulate. These people often find plastic flossers or floss picks, which hold a short length of dental floss taut for you, easier to use. Floss picks can be used with one hand, which is an advantage for some people. Other flossing options include water flossers which use high-powered water jets to force debris and plaque out of the narrow gaps between teeth.

Flavored Floss

For many people, flossing is as much about making their mouth feel clean and fresh as it is about supporting their dental health. Flavored floss can make flossing even more refreshing. Choose a flosser or string floss with a cool mint flavor to refresh your mouth while cleaning between your teeth. Unflavored dental floss is also available for people who don't enjoy the taste.

How to Floss Your Teeth

Whether you use a flosser or dental floss, it is important to use the right flossing technique. It's best to work methodically across each arch of teeth, carefully cleaning in between each tooth and making sure you don't skip over any of them.

Slide the floss between your teeth and gently push it against one of the teeth.

Then slide the floss upward to remove food debris and plaque from the surface of the tooth.

Repeat this process for the tooth on the other side of the gap before moving on to the next pair of teeth.

Your gums may feel sore or bleed the first few times you floss but many people find that this irritation eases if they keep flossing every day.

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