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Soft Solid and Sticks

 –  While sweat is your body's natural cooling mechanism, this moisture also contributes to the development of body odor. In order to deal with this potentially embarrassing problem, most men choose to use deodorant or antiperspirant on a daily basis. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide selection of soft solids and sticks for men that can be used to fight odor and excessive wetness. Quick and easy to apply whenever you need them, these products are designed to keep you feeling and smelling fresh.
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Advantages of Soft Solids and Sticks

Deciding on your favorite type of deodorant completely comes down to a personal preference. Soft solids and sticks are extremely popular among a wide range of men because they are easy to apply and are very effective. These products are created by suspending deodorant and/or antiperspirant powders in ingredients like silicone.

Depending on their exact composition, deodorants will range in consistency from a creamy texture to a waxy solid. These products can be applied quickly and easily with a few swipes across particularly challenging areas of your body like your underarms. Soft solid and stick deodorants go on dry and stay dry (an advantage over roll-on products and aerosols). Some products have the potential to leave behind residue on clothing, but others are designed to be clear so that they won't make a mess.

Choosing Between Deodorant and Antiperspirant

Whenever you are trying to choose products to fight body odor, it's important to know whether you prefer a deodorant or an antiperspirant. Odor is caused by the bacteria that collect on your skin and thrive on the heat and moisture created by sweat. Deodorants work by killing off the odor-causing bacteria that can be found on particularly sweaty areas of your body.

Scented deodorants will also replace the smell of body odor with their own signature fragrance. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, help prevent odor by temporarily reducing perspiration and keeping moisture at bay. Without the sweat, bacteria are less likely to thrive, and odor ceases to be a problem.

Like the decision about what type of deodorant applicator you prefer, the choice between traditional deodorant and antiperspirant basically comes down to your own preference.

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