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Soft Solids and Sticks

 –  Body odor is a wholly unique personal signature, but one many of us don't particularly like brandishing about in public. We all know the particularly pungent aroma that arises after a hearty run or a long summer's-day commute on a jam-packed bus. There's nothing inherently wrong with such scents, but they tend to provoke strong reactions from those in your near radius - not the situation you want to be dealing with at a business presentation or on an intimate date.
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Thai Deodorant Stone Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone, In Bag- 1 ea
Thai Deodorant Stone - Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone, In Bag - 1 ea
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Dove Advanced Care Deodorant, Pure Powder- 2.6 oz
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Studio 35 Clinical Strength Deodorant Powder Fresh- 1.6 oz
Studio 35 - Clinical Strength Deodorant Powder Fresh - 1.6 oz
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Herbal Clear PG Free Deodorant, Aloe Fresh- 1.8 oz
Herbal Clear - PG Free Deodorant, Aloe Fresh - 1.8 oz
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We have a wide selection of antiperspirants and deodorants for guys here at drugstore.com. The trick is narrowing down a few options based on your particular needs. Perhaps you just need something to dash on every once in a while when you notice a little funkiness; perhaps you're a habitually heavy sweater and need something more muscular and long-lasting to combat excess perspiration and the associated odor. Maybe you're an athlete looking to stay as fresh and dry as possible on that morning run or weekly touch-football game. Whatever it is you're seeking, we've got you covered.

First off, let's tackle a subtle distinction that's thrown more than one for a loop in the drugstore aisle: What exactly is the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant? Actually, it's pretty straightforward. Antiperspirants plug up the underarm pores through which you sweat. Deodorants are odor-maskers, by contrast: They make your underarms less hospitable to odor-causing bacteria while perfuming the area.

Sweat is associated with rank underarm smells (or "axillary body odors") because it comes secreted from the apocrine glands--one of two types of human sweat glands--chock full of proteins and fats, which attract and are processed by armpit bacteria to produce the stench. It takes this bacterial activity to create the smell: sweat arriving on the surface of your skin from the apocrine glands is actually initially devoid of odor. While antiperspirants seal off the sweat pores, deodorants function by temporarily modifying the underarm environment to discourage bacterial growth, often by boosting acidity. Deodorants don't affect the amount you sweat, but can cut down on body odor.

Research suggests your specific aroma stems from a combination of genetic makeup and environmental influence, with diet playing a notable role. The "condition" of body odor connected to the apocrine glands even has a technical name: bromhidrosis. It's often more problematic for men than women, which--as the New Zealand Dermatological Society notes--perhaps stems from heightened activity in the apocrine gland in males.

It's up to you to determine whether an antiperspirant or deodorant--or a product combining the two properties--is best for your situation. Our offerings come in a variety of forms, including soft solids and sticks. Because everyone's patterns of sweat and body odor differ, it may take a little trial-and-error to determine your best fit.

Deodorant and antiperspirant formulations vary, of course, and some guys are particularly interested in those containing botanical extracts and other naturally sourced components. The inventory at drugstore.com includes an array of natural brands for your perusal.

Don't let excessive body odor ruin your day. Manage it as you do anything else--and let us help supply the tools.

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