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 –  Gas and flatulence is something you'd prefer not to have in public or at a social gathering, but even if you have it in the privacy of your home, it can still be unpleasant. At drugstore.com, you can choose from a variety of products formulated to help relieve the pressure and bloating associated with excess gas. Anti-gas products are made to work quickly, so you can get back to feeling comfortable again. Explore the options and discover gas-relief products for the whole family.
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What to Use for Gas?

A number of gas relief products contain an ingredient called simethicone that helps break up stubborn gas bubbles. As the ingredient commonly recommended by doctors and pharmacists for gas and flatulence, simethicone goes to work quickly to ease symptoms. It's available in a variety of forms, including chewable tablets and easy-to-take drops. Choose from anti-gas chewables in pleasant-tasting flavors like cherry, berry or peppermint. There are also thin strips you dissolve on your tongue. You can also find soft gels that go down easily with a glass of water.

Maximum Strength Anti-Gas Products

For speedy resolution of gas symptoms, choose from maximum strength products that begin working in minutes to ease flatulence. These products contain maximum amounts of anti-gas ingredients like simethicone. Another ingredient in some anti-gas products is activated charcoal, a component that is believed to work by attracting and absorbing gas so it can be removed from your digestive tract.

Gas Relief for Babies and Children

Babies and young children often suffer from excess gas. Special gas relief drops made especially for babies and children contain just the right amount of liquid simethicone for younger bodies. It's important to check with your doctor and read the directions carefully, making sure you're giving the appropriate dose for your child's age. These drops come in a variety of flavors that babies and children can appreciate. Choose from options that are free of artificial flavorings, alcohol, dyes and artificial preservatives.

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