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Facial Tissues

 –  Using a facial tissue to blow your nose or wipe your eyes is one of the best ways that you can dispose of unwanted bodily fluids without spreading germs. Here at drugstore.com, we have many different varieties of facial tissues from top brands like Kleenex and Puffs. You can choose the size and type of packaging you prefer as well as any features you want your tissue to possess in order to ensure that you have the most sanitary and comfortable experience possible.
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Types of Facial Tissues

Though they might seem like a fairly simple product, you can actually find several different types of facial tissues here at drugstore.com. Traditional tissues are designed to be soft yet durable so they don't cause any discomfort during use and are easily able to trap contents without tearing. Other tissues are made to be extra soft, and they can be particularly helpful at increasing comfort when the skin of your nose is extra sensitive--when you are sick or suffering from bad allergies, for example.

Tissues with Lotion

Tissues formulated with lotion are designed to help impart moisture to your skin while you use the product to blow or wipe your nose. Many of these products are infused with soothing ingredients like vitamin E or aloe in an attempt to lessen your discomfort as much as possible. A more recent innovation in personal care technology is the advent of the anti-viral tissue. These products contain a layer in the middle of the tissue that can kill cold and flu viruses on contact. While these products can't do much to help the person who is already sick, they may aid in preventing others in your family from catching the illness (even if they accidentally come into contact with a soiled tissue).

Different Packaging Options

You'll find a wide range of packaging options when purchasing tissues for use around the house or on the go. Tissue boxes you will keep in the bathroom or other high-traffic rooms in your home are typically available in a narrower, upright box as well as a wider, shorter box. The decision between these styles comes down purely to personal preference (as well as any size constrictions of tissue dispensers you might have at home). You can also find both styles of boxes with a variety of different patterns printed on the outside of the packaging, which makes it easy to match your tissues to your décor.

Of course, you're not always going to be at home when you need a tissue, so it's also a good idea to stock up on travel packs that you can bring with you in the car or carry on your person. Some types of auto-sized tissue dispensers are made so that you can wedge them into the crevasse between your seat and console to keep them in place. You'll also find travel tissue packs that can easily be carried in your purse, backpack, or pocket for convenient access no matter where you are.

No one likes to be caught without a tissue when the need arises, so it helps to have these products available at all times. Browse our selection of facial tissues at drugstore.com to find the products that best suit your needs and personal preferences.

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