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Napkins and Paper Towels

 –  Paper towels and napkins are indispensable paper products in most homes in the U.S., and there are many different varieties available to meet the needs of modern families. Keeping your supply of paper towels and napkins well stocked doesn't have to mean making frequent trips to the store when you shop drugstore.com. We have all of the most popular paper towel and paper napkin products available for you to buy online without ever having to leave home.
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Varieties of Paper Towels for the Kitchen

Paper towels are highly absorbent paper sheets that are used for many tasks, including wiping up spills, cleaning hard surfaces and windows and draining foods. There are many types of paper towels available for you to use in your home. Most paper towels are sold on rolls and are perforated to make them easy to dispense, but you can also buy individual folded towels made of paper. These are often used for drying hands. Paper towel rolls may differ in the size of the rolls, which will determine how wide the towels are and how many individual towels can be torn off of the roll. You can also find paper towels in plain white and with different patterns and prints to suit your tastes.

Paper Napkin Options for Convenient Dining

Paper napkins are small squares or rectangles that are used to wipe the hands and mouth while dining. Unlike cloth napkins, paper napkins do not require laundering after use. Instead, they are simply thrown away, making cleanup after a meal very easy. Paper napkins come in different sizes. Dinner napkins are generally the largest variety and are usually rectangular, while luncheon napkins are square in shape and medium-sized. Cocktail, drink and dessert napkins are the smallest varieties and are usually square. Most paper napkins are white in color, though they may have different textures to improve their absorbency and enhance their appearances.

Napkin and Paper Towel Solutions for Green Homes

More and more American families are becoming concerned about the health of the planet and want to reduce the amount of waste that they produce as a result. The manufacturers of kitchen paper products now offer solutions for families that want to enjoy the convenience of disposable paper products without contributing to deforestation by using traditional paper. Some of these napkin, paper towel and other disposable kitchen paper products are made out of recycled paper, so they make use of waste. Others are produced from alternative fibers like bamboo, giving them the feel of paper with less environmental impact.

Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen Paper Products

Because you use paper napkins and paper towels at home so frequently, you want to make sure that they are within easy reach at all times. Purchasing a napkin or paper towel holder can help you keep those essential paper supplies conveniently stored on your kitchen counter top or somewhere else in your space. Holders make the kitchen look more attractive while making it easier to tear a paper towel off a roll or to retrieve a napkin from the stack.

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