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Garment Care

 –  If you want to look your best every time you get dressed, you need to do more than just wash and dry many types of clothing. Removing wrinkles and properly caring for your clothing will help keep you and your clothes looking great. drugstore.com simplifies garment care with a wide selection of appliances and supplies. We carry top quality steam irons and garment steamers as well as a large assortment of other garment care essentials to meet your needs.
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Steam Irons for Removing Wrinkles

Steam irons are one of the most commonly used garment care appliances for removing wrinkles. Wrinkles form in clothing when the heat from the washer and dryer cause bonds to form between the fibers in clothing. A steam iron has a large, flat surface that becomes hot due to electricity and is capable of breaking the bonds that hold wrinkles in place. As you run the iron over the clothing, the bottom of the appliance flattens the wrinkles, so that when the clothing cools no new wrinkling bonds form. Irons can be used on many different types of garments, but it is a good idea to read your owner's manual and to spot test an iron on an inconspicuous part of an article of clothing in order to ensure best results.

Steamers for Freshening and Neatening

Steamers are another wrinkle removing option for use at home. A steamer functions similarly to a clothes iron in that it uses heat to break the bonds that form in clothing; however, a steamer does not have the same flat bottom as an iron. Instead, you must either hang the clothing up and allow gravity to pull out the wrinkles or flatten the fabric with your hands while you steam. Many people feel that clothing steamers are easier to operate than steam irons, but they may not be as capable of caring for severely wrinkled clothing.

Types of Clothing Steamers

Clothing steamers come in many different varieties. You can purchase large, rolling steamers that feature heads attached to hoses. These models are similar to the types used by professionals at laundry services and dry cleaners and are generally the most powerful type of steamer. If you're looking for a steamer that is more compact for convenient storage or for traveling, you can purchase a hand-held model. These types are very easy to handle and light in weight.

Other Garment Care Essentials

Depending on your needs, you may want to invest in other types of garment care appliances for use at home. Portable washing machines are great for apartments and small homes, as they give you the ability to forgo trips to the laundromat but do not require you to purchase and install an expensive appliance. Clothing shavers can be used to remove fuzz and lint from all types of garments. For truly professional wrinkle care at home, you can purchase a steam press, a device that is used to quickly remove wrinkles from shirts and other types of apparel using steam, heat and a clampdown press.

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