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Batteries & Power Sources

 – Electronic devices are used in many aspects of our lives, and all of these items need power sources to help them run. In many cases, batteries serve as those important power sources and contain chemicals that release electrons to provide the energy needed for a wide variety of devices to operate. Batteries can only store a certain amount of energy, and eventually, can supply no more power to devices. Nothing is worse than reaching for a battery-operated device only to find that it won't work because its batteries are drained. By stocking up on batteries, you can ensure that you never have to go without a device due to a dead power supply.
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Battery-operated devices come in all different shapes and sizes, and the amount of power they require to operate can vary greatly from device to device. As a result, manufacturers produce many different standard sizes of batteries (AA for example) to ensure that there is something to suit every device. Standards have been developed to make shopping for batteries as easy as possible. Each battery type is assigned a letter or number based on its size, how many power cells it contains and how much power it can produce. Before purchasing batteries, you'll need to check what size of battery your particular device requires. Also, find out how many of the batteries are required for operation, as a device can run on one, two or several batteries at once.

In addition to standard batteries, there are a variety of specialty batteries designed for certain types of items, and you can find many of these products at drugstore.com. We carry small batteries made to power watches, so that you can keep timepieces running without having to visit a jeweler for a replacement. You'll also find batteries for medical devices like hearing aids. Like standard batteries, watch and hearing aid and medical batteries come in set sizes, making it important that you verify which type you need before you make your purchase.

At drugstore.com, we make finding batteries as simple as possible. We have all of the batteries that we carry displayed on this page for quick and easy shopping. In addition, we have departments for all of the most common battery sizes and types, so that you can refine your search with ease. If you tend to prefer batteries from one particular brand, you can find them just as quickly with the links shown at the left. Along with our wide selection of batteries, we also have recharging devices. These include rechargeable battery systems as well as USB chargers to help you keep items like smart phones, tablet computers and MP3 players fully charged and at the ready.

Stock up on batteries today to avoid being without and get a great deal on the power supplies you need to keep your devices running smoothly by shopping drugstore.com. Also, if you're purchasing a gift that requires batteries, buy a package to give along with your present, so that the lucky recipient of your gift can begin to use their new item right away!

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