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Exfoliators and Scrubs

 –  Like the cycles of renewal found in nature, your complexion is constantly cycling with old skin being discarded and new skin developing beneath it. Supporting this cycle can help you have the healthiest skin possible, and drugstore.com can help you do so in the most natural of ways. We carry a wide assortment of exfoliators and scrubs to complete your regimen.
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Aubrey Organics Men's Stock North Woods Face Scrub- 6 fl oz
Aubrey Organics - Men's Stock North Woods Face Scrub - 6 fl oz
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MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Scrub (All Skin Types)- 2.3 oz
MyChelle - Fruit Enzyme Scrub (All Skin Types) - 2.3 oz
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Sibu Beauty Exfoliating Scrub- 3.3 oz
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A Natural Boost in Cellular Turnover

The process of new skin cells being produced to replace old cells is known as cellular turnover, and it's essential to maintaining the health of the complexion. In an ideal world, the rate of cellular turnover would be fast enough to keep the skin always looking its best. Unfortunately, skin is often shed too slowly to keep signs of damage and dryness from lingering for long on the complexion.

Natural exfoliators and scrubs help you to assist with cellular turnover by removing dead skin. This can help to keep your complexion looking radiant and feeling smooth. In addition, natural cellular turnover boosters can minimize skin imperfections and help promote clearer pores.

Scrubs for Sloughing Off Dead Skin

Scrubs are exfoliating skin care products that remove dead skin by producing friction as you rub them against your skin. The friction loosens dead cells and then allows them to be removed with the scrub. Many scrubs double as cleansers and help to remove dirt and debris while they exfoliate.

The makers of natural scrubs can use a number of different naturally derived ingredients to give their products the right texture to remove dead skin. Products may contain salt derived from ocean water or natural minerals, sugar or ground shells from nuts and seeds. Often, essential oils and plant oils are added to scrubs to provide conditioning and nourishing benefits for the complexion and body skin.

Exfoliators for Dissolving Tissue Away

Natural exfoliators remove dead skin without the help of friction. These products gently dissolve the bonds that hold cells on the surface of the skin in place, so that old, dead tissue can fall off. Most natural exfoliators use alpha hydroxy acids as their key ingredients.

Common alpha hydroxy acids include glycolic acid derived from sugarcane, lactic acid isolated from milk and citric acid sourced from citrus fruits. Alternatively, salicylic acid, which comes from white willow bark, or enzymes from papaya or pineapple, can be utilized as key ingredients.

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