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 –  When choosing the types of brushes and accessories to use on your hair, there are several options you need to consider. Brushes of different shapes as well as those made with different kinds of bristles can have a major impact on the styles you are able to easily achieve. Luckily, drugstore.com has a wide selection of hairbrushes so you can find one to perfectly suit any type of hair.
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Popular Brush Shapes

It may seem like choosing a hairbrush should be a relatively simple decision, but there are actually several elements that go into picking the right brush. First, you need to determine what shape of brush best suits your hair. Paddle brushes have a handle with a rectangular or circular head on the end, and the bristles are usually set into a soft cushion. Great for smoothing out your hair's cuticles, these brushes can help detangle hair and are especially helpful for brushing out longer locks.

Round Brushes

Round or radial brushes have bristles wrapped all the way around their heads. This style of hairbrush can be used to give your hair volume and curl, especially when used in conjunction with your hair dryer. The half-radial hairbrush is the tool of choice if you want to flip the ends of your hair under, as you might do if you have a bob. This style of brush looks as though a round brush was cut in half, so the side with bristles still has them arranged in a rounded shape.

Choosing Bristle Type

The type of bristles you choose can have a major impact on how well a certain hairbrush works for you. Boar bristles are made from wild boar hair, and they are recommended if your hair is thick or coarse. These bristles help distribute oils through your hair, which promotes shine. They are also easier to brush through difficult hair, so they're a good choice for children.

Other Types of Bristles

To get the same general effect achieved with boar bristles for a much lower price, you may want to consider a brush with nylon bristles or one with a mix of the two. Plastic bristles are a good choice for all-purpose hair care. They are stiff but not too hard, and they are typically spaced relatively far apart. These bristles are often best to use when you first get out of the shower and begin blow-drying, as they reduce tangling without causing breakage.

Other Factors to Consider

The final factor you should think about when choosing a hairbrush is how the element of heat is going to play into your brushing routine. Vented hairbrushes have small holes spaced all around the head, which improves airflow when you are blow-drying hair. You also may want to consider a brush with a ceramic barrel if you dry your hair daily. These hairbrushes capture a healthy amount of heat inside of them and transfer it to your hair, allowing it to dry more quickly. Certain brushes actually take heat a step further and blow hot air themselves while you use them. These options are typically round, and they can be used alone to add curl to your hair without the use of a curling iron or hairdryer.

No matter what type of hairstyle you are sporting, it's easy to find a brush that will work well for you. Check out the assortment of options available from drugstore.com today.

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