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Antiperspirants and Deodorants

 –  Everybody sweats. Throughout the course of the day, various things from hot and spicy foods, stress and heat can cause your pores to release perspiration designed to help your body regulate its temperature. Sweat itself is actually relatively odorless – it’s the bacteria using your body’s sweat as a breeding ground that causes your body to smell. drugstore.com offers a variety of antiperspirants and deodorants to help fight bad body odor.
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The Difference Between Antiperspirants and Deodorants

To tell the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants, you really need to simply look at the names. Antiperspirants work to reduce the amount of perspiration your body expels. Ingredients such as aluminum and zirconium are absorbed by pores and plug up the sweat ducts which temporarily disrupt the flow of moisture to the skin. Sweat is a natural hotbed of bacterial activity. By curbing the production of sweat, these products also reduce the likelihood of bacteria forming. In addition to these ingredients that minimize the sweat produced, there are other ingredients in antiperspirants that help with odor. Some antiperspirants include antiseptics or other agents which help neutralize bacteria. Many also have fragrances included, such as floral scents for women or woodsy or earthy aromas for men.

Deodorants, on the other hand, allow your body to sweat, but usually include antiseptic agents that combat the odor causing bacteria. These ingredients include salts and acids that make your under arms hostile environments for bacteria. Without bacteria present, there is no smell. To cover up any odor caused by residual bacteria, deodorants also come with fragrance options similar to their antiperspirant counterparts.

The Various Types of Antiperspirants and Deodorants

There may be two styles of products you can choose from to combat odor, but there are various types of each. Sticks are some of the most popular odor fighters out there. These solid and stick forms are packed into a wide cylinder that is contoured at the top to most effectively glide over your curved armpits.

Powders exist to soothe your skin, but they also help to soak up moisture and act as natural odor fighters. These powders can feel soft on the skin and help prevent any chafing caused by damp clothing or skin. Many of these powders also include ingredients that help calm irritation while also providing odor protection and fragrance.

If you’re on the go and need to quickly and efficiently apply your deodorant or antiperspirant, then aerosol sprays are for you. These sprays are fast drying, anti-stain, and provide long lasting protection. They’re great for when you’ve just gotten out of the gym shower and just want to quickly spray on some deodorant and get on your way home.

There are also creams, wipes and tablets that work just as well, along with gels and roll on deodorants. No matter what style of antiperspirant or deodorant you choose, we’re sure to have what you need at drugstore.com – at affordable prices. Combat odor and stay fresh all day by browsing our selection of antiperspirants and deodorants today.

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