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Body Spray

 –  Choosing the right antiperspirants and deodorants for you is a very personal process that will come down to your own preferences. Many men decide to try body spray because they like the convenience of application and the strong signature fragrance that usually accompanies these products. drugstore.com has a wide selection of men's body sprays so that you can easily fight odor with a scent that you love.
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How Do Body Spray Deodorants Work?

In trying to figure out which deodorant is best for you, it's important to examine where your body odor comes from. When you get too hot, your body produces sweat to help cool you down. As this moisture collects in places like your armpits, feet, and groin area, it creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria multiply and release the scent that is commonly known as body odor.

Different body sprays work via different mechanisms to fight odor. Some have antiperspirant properties. This means that they plug up your pores and reduce perspiration. Since your body doesn't release as much moisture, there is less odor-causing bacteria present. More commonly, however, body sprays simply fight odor and cover it up with their own signature scents. Most body sprays have very strong aromas of their own, which is why body spray tends to toe the line between deodorant and fragrance.

Body Spray vs. Cologne

When finding a product for men that will exude a certain fragrance throughout the day, your most common choices will be body spray and cologne. While these products are both scented, they don't have much else in common. Colognes are primarily made from natural oils, and they are used in very small doses to help give you a complex signature aroma. Body sprays, on the other hand, tend to be much simpler than colognes. You can easily choose a spray based on its scent and know that you will smell like that for several hours after applying the product. Body sprays are much less concentrated than colognes, but they also don't last as long. You may want to freshen yourself up a few times every day by applying more body spray--especially after going to the gym or taking a shower.

Applying Body Spray

Though it may seem like an easy product to use, there are a few tips you should heed when applying body spray. First, make sure that you are standing away from other people before you spray. No one likes to get covered in someone else's mist just because he was standing too close. In addition to targeting areas like your underarms, you should also spray your pulse points like your wrists, elbows, and knees in order to help the fragrance last longer. Finally, make sure that you allow your spray time to dry before putting on clothes. You don't want to accidentally wipe away your deodorant by putting your shirt on too quickly.

Between their convenience and their strength, it's easy to see why body sprays are such a popular deodorant option among men. Browse through the assortment of products available on drugstore.com today to find the right one for you.

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