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Ethnic Hair Treatments

 –  If problems with breakage, thinning or flakes or other concerns are making it difficult for your hair to look at its best, ethnic hair care products could make all the difference between good hair days and disastrous ones. Treatment products for African-American hair are especially effective at addressing problems that commonly affect ethnic hair. drugstore.com has a range of solutions with formulas to help your hair look gorgeous.
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All About African-American Hair

African-American hair requires the use of special hair care products because it is different than all other hair types. Each strand of hair is very flat and wide. The large surface area across the hair creates more places for bonds to form curls in the tresses, as well as for moisture to be loss from the strands. This explains why African-American hair is both curlier and more prone to dryness than other types of hair. As dryness makes the hair more and more brittle, African-American hair becomes prone to breakage and more likely to become frizzy. Hair loss is common among men and women and can have a variety of causes. Ethnic hair treatments are products designed to address a specific hair care problem that is common among African-Americans and make a big difference in the appearance and texture of your hair.

Combating Dryness

If your hair is dry, there are many treatment options available to help you deal with the problem. After washing your hair, you can apply a lightweight water-based hair conditioner to your tresses for moisture and then seal the ends with an oil or glycerin to lock in the hydration. For more intensive moisturizing, you can use a hair mask or a deep conditioner, and applying a leave-in conditioner daily will help you to nourish and soften your hair on a daily basis.

Battling Breakage

Breakage is often due to dryness, so using moisturizing treatments for African-American hair is an important part of dealing with the problem. You can also use strengthening treatments to reinforce your hair strands and make them less likely to break. These products typically contain keratin protein and help to repair areas of weakness on the hair strands. You should also be careful when styling breakage-prone hair. Don't pull braids too tightly and avoid using too many chemical relaxers or hair color treatments.

Thickening Formulas

If you're suffering from hair loss, your first step should be to talk to a doctor about your symptoms. The most common cause of hair loss in African-Americans is androgenic alopecia, which occurs due to the scalp's response to hormones and can happen to both men and women. You may also be suffering from traction alopecia, a form of hair loss that occurs due to pressure being exerted on the strands by styling. Depending on what type of hair loss your doctor diagnoses you with, you can find a variety of hair regrowth products to help you address the problem. Ethnic thickening treatments are one such solution and help to make thinning tresses look fuller by adding volume. Your doctor can help you determine if hair care treatments alone are enough to deal with your specific form of hair loss.

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