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Whitening Kits

 – Having a bright, attractive smile has an incredible impact on your appearance. When you speak, laugh and grin, those around you notice your teeth. Visible stains caused by taking medications, smoking and drinking coffee, soda or tea diminish the appearance of your smile and can rob you of your confidence when meeting and interacting with others. If you are tired of trying to hide your teeth or being afraid to give your widest of smiles, teeth whitening kits can help you improve your appearance and feel more confident.
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Whitening kits are products developed to diminish surface stains that appear on the teeth. These products can be used as a first method of whitening before resorting to clinical whitening procedures or utilized following a professional whitening treatment to enhance or maintain results. Most whitening kits are designed for use for a certain number of days or weeks, and the results possible from the kits can often be enhanced with the use of whitening toothpastes and other at-home whitening oral care products.

Each whitening kit contains its own unique whitening formula, but most products function in the same manner. The kits include solutions that contain hydrogen peroxide or a similar chemical. When applied to the teeth, the active ingredients in the whitening kit cause a chemical reaction that has the ability to lift away some of the materials that make up stains. The results possible from a single whitening treatment will depend upon how severe the staining is and the formulation of the solution in the whitening kit.

One of the biggest differences between whitening kits is how the solutions that they contain are applied. With many kits, the whitening solution is added to a plastic tray or is already inside of trays that are pressed in place over the teeth and left on for a certain period of time. Strip whitening kits are also worn over the teeth and then removed, but instead of trays, are flexible pieces of plastic that adhere to the teeth. Pen whitening products are applied directly to the stains and can often reach areas of discoloration between the teeth that cannot be accessed as easily with trays and strips; however, treating large areas of staining can be time consuming with a pen. Syringe whitening solutions are squirted onto the stains and then either brushed or rubbed onto the dental enamel.

While whitening kits are generally safe for most people, if you have sensitive teeth, another problem with your teeth, wear bridges or crowns or have irritated gums, you should consult your dentist before using any type of whitening product. Once you have received your dentist's okay, shop drugstore.com to find the best whitening kit for your needs. We carry a wide selection of whitening kit products and price each one as affordably as possible. Whether you prefer trays, strips, pens or syringes, you'll find an array of options to help you remove stains and make your teeth appear whiter. If your dentist has recommended that you use a specific at-home teeth whitening kit, use the links at the left to search for the products from that particular brand and find the ideal kit as quickly as possible.

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