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Organic Style on drugstore.comOrganic Style on drugstore.com
We’ve teamed up with Organic Style to create your ultimate source for everything natural — health, beauty, food, home, garden, travel, soul...

This inspiring lifestyle magazine is designed for those who value individualized style, true health and well-being, and who seek purpose and meaning in their everyday lives. Their editors sift through competing claims to find and evaluate the best organic products and the best organic life choices.

Organic Style on drugstore.com
Shop. Wrap. Bake. Decorate. Give. Give. Give. If that's your usual holiday mantra and it leaves you feeling more frazzled than festive, consider taking refuge in your tub. "Hydro-therapy is one of the most healing, restorative things we can do for ourselves in a clinical sense, but it is also something we can do at home for luxurious soul and spirit nourishing," says Jill Stansbury, a naturopathic physician. You can easily turn your bath into a personal nirvana with one of our stress-relieving, skin-pampering recipes or use essential oils to create your own version of liquid bliss. First, set the scene: Light some candles, play your favorite music, and hang a do not disturb
sign on the bathroom door. Then, sink into the tub, sit back, and soak. Now, repeat after us: Relax, rejuvenate, renew.
Organic Style on drugstore.comOrganic Style on drugstore.com
A rose and oatmeal bath is not only an indulgence, it's also great skin therapy. "Oatmeal is very calming to the nervous system and to the skin," says Stansbury. "It gently soothes and exfoliates irritated skin, leaving it soft." Rose essential oil is also used in the treatment of skin problems--its rejuvenating and toning properties relieve dryness, inflammation, heat, and itchiness.
Organic Style on drugstore.com
Mix 5 cups oats in a blender until finely ground.
 • Place the oats in a paper coffee filter and tie it with a ribbon. (You can add the oatmeal directly to the bath water, but that means you'll have to clean out your tub post-soak.)
 • Tie the ribbon to the bathtub spigot and let warm water (92°F to 100°F) run through the oatmeal sack to help it dissipate. The water should look milky.
 • Add 3 or 4 drops rose oil, and then swirl your hand in the water to distribute the oil evenly.
 • Sprinkle a few handfuls of rose petals over the bath water.
 • After bathing, pat yourself down with a towel, but don't dry off completely. Apply a body oil or lotion to damp skin, which will help seal in moisture and keep skin soft.
Organic Style on drugstore.com
Oats of any kind Cheesecloth, nylon bag, or coffee filter.

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