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 – Muscle and joint pain occur for a number of reasons. Tension, overuse, or physical injury can result in uncomfortable aches and pains that can make simple movements downright painful. Other conditions, including the flu and fibromyalgia, can also lead to uncomfortable aches. When aches and pains appear, you want to minimize your discomfort quickly. Thermacare products, which are available at drugstore.com, can help reduce your aches and improve how you feel. Learn more about the brand and talk to your doctor about your symptoms; then decide which Thermacare products are best suited for your unique needs.
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The Brand

Thermacare develops pain relief patches and wraps that you can apply directly to your aching muscle or joint for relief. While Thermacare isn't the only company that develops such products, how it develops its line of patches and wraps is different from the competition. Instead of the products working as counterirritants - that is, providing a different sensation to distract you from feeling pain - Thermacare products instead deliver real heat that can penetrate your muscles and encourage relaxation. This relaxation, in turn, can help minimize the discomfort associated with muscle aches and pains. In fact, clinical tests have proven that these penetrating heat patches and wraps can increase skin and muscle temperature, which can help reduce pain. Thus, Thermacare works to develop products that effectively relieve muscle and joint pain by using both heat and cold therapy, which are proven effective for discomfort.

The Products

Aches and pains come in a variety of forms. Perhaps your vigorous exercise routine left you with a shoulder injury. Too much typing on the computer might leave you with wrist pain. Every month, you might experience uncomfortable menstrual cramps days before your period starts. Perhaps a lingering knee injury will flare up every now and then, making simple tasks like walking difficult. For these discomforts and more, Thermacare has developed a line of products available at drugstore.com. Ask your doctor which product is right for you.

Thermacare's expansive line of heat therapy products was designed for particular issues. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, the company produces patches and wraps designed for different areas of your body. You can find heat therapy products that are designed for joints such as your knees or elbows as well as broad patches and wraps that can stretch across your aching back or hips, for instance. Still other patches can be placed on the lower abdomen to address menstrual cramp relief, and smaller ones can fit perfectly on the neck, shoulder, and wrist for addressing simple yet effective pain relief.

Likewise, cold wrap therapy is also available from Thermacare, and you can find cooling products at drugstore.com as well. Cold can help numb the affected area and minimize swelling and inflammation, and you might find cold patches to be most effective immediately after your injury or ache appears. Similar to heat patches and wraps, Thermacare cold wraps, also available at drugstore.com, can soothe uncomfortable muscles and joints. Consider your areas of discomfort and your particular needs when evaluating these products. Then, with the help of your doctor, find the one that will best help to deliver immediate or cumulative relief.

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