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Chewables and Powders

 –  You’ve arrived at the lineup of drugstore.com’s chewable and powder-form probiotics supplements - offering an attractive option for those of us concerned with good nutrition and the ideal digestive balance but turned off by capsules and pills. Medical research continues to probe the potential health effects of probiotics, live bacterial cultures thought to confer beneficial health effects upon those who ingest them.
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Promend Probiotic Soft Chews with Fiber, Cranberry- 30 ea
Promend - Probiotic Soft Chews with Fiber, Cranberry - 30 ea
We're sorry but this item is temporarily out of stock.

The Popularity of Probiotics

Modern interest in the probiotics idea reflects an ever-increasing appreciation for the great diversity and complexity of our own internal microbiotic ecosystems: Bacteria of all stripes inhabit our bodies, a particularly notable cast of them performing critical services in our digestive tract. It’s further thought that our useful, naturally occurring microbes may play some role in reducing the likelihood of possible infection by nastier bugs.

What Causes Stomach Problems?

It’s very common to experience occasional constipation, bloating, gas and diarrhea. Some experts believe that this may be caused by an imbalance in the gut. It is a common belief that the ingestion of probiotics can improve the condition of individuals with deficient or unbalanced microbial rosters, with effects potentially ranging well beyond boosted digestive function. As the Mayo Clinic reports, some research suggests probiotics might possibly give the immune system a boost and create a healthy balance that leaves the body more resistant to common issues.

Which Foods Contain Probiotics?

Probiotics can be naturally consumed in fermented foods such as yogurts, kefirs, and pickled vegetables. These days, they are also widely available in the form of various dietary supplements, a robust sampling of which is available via drugstore.com.

Easy To Take Probiotics

It’s not always easy to down pills and capsules; even the smallest can set off the gag reflex in many. Children in particular may be loath to swallow vitamins whole. Fortunately, there are perfectly acceptable alternatives to supplements in those forms. Chewable tablets and powders are among the foremost: the same basic formulation in a far easier-to-ingest package.

Indeed, whereas few adults even relish the pill-swallowing process (at the very least they’re probably decidedly neutral on the experience), chewables and powders can actually be fun and satisfying to consume. For children in particular they may end up being something to look forward to in the daily routine. Perhaps the pleasurable flavor and texture of these probiotic packages can even offer a positive jumping-off point for deeper and broader discussions of diet and nutrition with your kids.

A Large Selection of Supplements

Here at drugstore.com, we carry a plethora of vitamin and nutritional-supplement chewables and powders to choose from - enough options to perhaps seem overwhelming and intimidating at first. We invite you to simply jump in and start reading up on what’s available. In addition to all the hard facts on a given item 0 - from ingredients to usage directions - you’ll also appreciate the customer reviews, which serve up some empirical feedback alongside the product-detail basics.

If you’re interested in proper nutrition and in cultivating and perpetuating a beneficial and smooth-functioning inner ecosystem, probiotics are certainly worth a little of your consideration - and drugstore.com can be an excellent portal for that kind of research. Alongside the probiotic capsules, investigate the chewables and powders right here so you have the fullest sense of what’s out there.

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