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 –  Ensuring that your child eats a varied diet and obtains all the essential nutrients for his or her growth and development can be a daily challenge. Nutritious and fiber-rich vegetables and whole grains may be unappealing to children, no matter how creative you are in presenting them. Some children develop an aversion to certain foods and can go through phases when they are extremely picky about what they eat. If you are concerned about your child's diet, you may consider adding dietary supplements to their regimen which may provide them with the nutrients they may be missing from food.
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Nature's Way Organic Sambucus Kids Syrup, Berry- 4 fl oz
Nature's Way - Organic Sambucus Kids Syrup, Berry - 4 fl oz
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Does My Child Need More Fiber?

Some parents may be concerned that their children are not getting enough fiber in their diets since children may be more resistant to eating fruits and vegetables. Fiber is just as vital for effective digestion in children as it is for adults. Lack of fiber in the diet can result can in constipation. By encouraging your child to eat foods high in fiber or take a fiber supplement each day, you can help to keep the digestive tract healthy and potentially avoid the discomfort of constipation. Fiber supplements should be accompanied by a glass of water. This will ensure that there is sufficient moisture in the digestive tract to form a healthy stool.

How Can I Boost My Child’s Immune System?

Dietary supplements can offer additional health benefits as well. When children go to daycare or school, they are often exposed to germs and viruses. Colds and infections pass quickly from child to child because of close physical contact and inadequate hand hygiene. This is a particular problem in the winter months, when colds are prevalent and children spend more time indoors. By including supplements, such as Echinacea, zinc, astragalus and vitamin C, in your child’s diet, it may be thought by some to boost their immune system and reduce their chance of getting sick.

Fortifying syrups made from elderberries may also be used for potentially promoting the health of the immune system however further research is needed to support its use. You cannot prevent your child from being exposed to a variety of germs and viruses. However, a robust immune system is certainly a way to help him or her to better resist colds and infections.

Is My Child Getting Enough Sleep?

Some parents may also be concerned that their children do not get enough sleep at night. Children can find it difficult to switch off when it is time for bed, particularly if they have had a busy or exciting day. However, a good night’s sleep is essential for healthy physical and mental development. Lack of sleep can cause children to become irritable and exhibit extreme or undesirable behavior. You may be able to help your little one to relax and settle down by adding a calming chamomile drink into the bedtime routine. Simply mix a few drops of a chamomile liquid supplement into a favorite drink, or as directed. There is limited evidence to support its use and some individuals may be allergic to chamomile so it’s best to speak with your child’s pediatrician before giving this herbal supplement.

Special Dosing For Children

When you purchase a supplement that has been designed for children, you can be confident that the dosage has been adjusted to take in account their smaller body size and higher metabolism. By choosing recommended and quality brands, you can be sure that your child will receive an optimum dose of your chosen supplement that may be thought to enhance health and wellbeing.

The great news about the children’s dietary supplements available from drugstore.com is that they have been designed to be easily included in a child’s diet. From delicious gummy chews to liquid supplements that can be added to your child’s favorite drink; there is a range of options to meet most all children’s diverse tastes.

Consult with your child’s pediatrician first before incorporating any supplements or herbs into their diet. Because of the potential for side effects and interactions with medications, herbal and dietary supplements should be taken only under the supervision of a knowledgeable health professional. You should read product labels and discuss all therapies with a qualified healthcare provider.

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