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 –  Native to North America, cranberries are consumed in several forms. The berries can be eaten whole or used to produce a juice. Additionally, cranberries are available in supplement form. Believed to have important antioxidant properties, cranberries have been associated with a variety of health benefits. As a result, individuals might turn to consuming cranberries, drinking cranberry juice, and taking supplements in order to enjoy the fruit’s potential benefits.
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Mason Natural Highly Concentrated Cranberry, Capsules- 60 ea
Mason Natural - Highly Concentrated Cranberry, Capsules - 60 ea
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Are Cranberries Good For You?

In addition to being low in calories, cranberries also feature vitamin C and fiber, important components to a healthy diet. They also provide a rich source of antioxidants. While fresh cranberries grow during the fall and winter months, the fruit can be consumed in other ways year-round, whether you opt to freeze fresh cranberries, enjoy dried berries, or drink the fruit’s juice.

Are Cranberries Good For Your Teeth?

Cranberries have been identified by some researchers as a super food thanks to their antioxidant properties, which may offer numerous health benefits. Findings from a few laboratory studies have shown these antioxidants in cranberries may decrease plaque buildup on the teeth.

Can Cranberry Juice Prevent Bladder Infection?

Additionally, many studies have concluded that cranberries may promote bladder health by minimizing the risk of bacteria adhering to the walls of the urinary tract. A 2002 article in Pharmaceutical Biology revealed that with regular cranberry consumption, the microbial bacteria could not attach to the urinary tract and instead were flushed out through urine. This article and further studies have provided some evidence that regualar cranberry consumption can help prevent urinary tract infections. However, cranberries have not yet been proven to be effective in the treatment of such infections.

Cranberry Supplementation

There are numerous ways to add cranberries into your diet. They can be added to recipes or eaten alone as a healthy snack. Drinking cranberry juice is another easy way to incorporate it into your daily regimen. However, if you don’t like the taste of cranberries but still want to get the potential health benefits from the fruit, a supplement might be the right fit for you. You can find supplements in a range of styles here at drugstore.com. These supplements come in a range of strengths, from 500 milligrams, 800 milligrams, and even 4200 milligrams.You can take one, two, or even three capsules a day, depending on the supplement you select.

Many of these supplements are made from cranberry concentrate, which is believed to deliver the same benefits as eating the fruit or drinking its juice. In addition, you can select a supplement that is fortified with other important minerals. A cranberry supplement with vitamin C may be thought to help boost your immune system, for example. Many of these formulas are natural—free of artificial colors, yeast, wheat, starch, lactose, milk, or sweeteners, making them healthy additions to your daily diet.

Urinary tract infections can be uncomfortable, and bladder health is important. If you aren’t getting plenty of cranberries in your diet, talk to your doctor about adding a supplement from drugstore.com.

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