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Digestive Formulas

 –  More and more we are recognizing the tremendous ecosystem that is our gastrointestinal tract, populated with a grand assortment of bacteria intrinsically involved with that all-important, everyday process of digestion. As mundane as it may seem, digestion is a miraculous phenomenon – one we tend to notice more when something goes wrong with its function.
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We’re only beginning to appreciate the magnitude of the services rendered by the flora in our gut, those digestive-tract bacteria that aid in our body’s breakdown and utilization of ingested food. Composed of a wide range of species, this ecological community helps us process certain carbohydrates otherwise indigestible, regulate our intestinal-wall cells, and ward off harmful bacteria.

What Causes Digestive Problems?

Digestive issues are common which isn’t altogether surprising: the life-sustaining process of eating and processing foods is a complicated one, involving a long string of organs and brings us about as intimately in contact with our broader environment as anything else. Add in the increasingly appreciated fact that our digestion is accomplished through the mutualistic actions of gut microbes, and the stage is set for frequent complications.

Can Probiotics Help Constipation?

It’s very common for people to experience issues such as occasional constipation, diarrhea, bloating and gas. A poor diet, lack of exercise and certain illnesses and medications can increase the risk of digestive imbalance. Minor digestive issues can cause embarrassment, discomfort and can interfere with quality of life. It is always recommended that those experiencing digestive concerns speak with their doctor. Some physicians recommend a probiotic supplement to help boost beneficial bacteria in the gut and to aid in promoting healthy digestion.

Do Probiotics Work?

Medical research continues to explore the utility of probiotics – live bacteria – for human health and, as the Mayo Clinic notes, studies suggest they may indeed confer some benefit including minimizing the severity of symptoms associated with common digestive complaints. While more research is needed on the subject, initial studies have produced some promising results.

Probiotic Supplements

An impressive variety of probiotic capsules is only part of the digestive-health products we offer here at drugstore.com. You’ll also find everything from organic herbal bitters to tasty probiotic-stocked chocolate bars. With so many choices, you’ll find it easy to find a supplement to fit your lifestyle.

How to Choose Probiotics

We urge you to dive in and investigate the options. Scroll through the ingredient lists and read up on the company histories and mission statements. Peruse the feedback we’ve gathered from customers who’ve given these products a try. We think all the information adds up to some sturdy and engaging criteria by which you – someone concerned about maintaining a healthy digestive function – can make an informed decision.

A complication of your digestive process can be, at best, unpleasant and uncomfortable. At worst, it may be debilitating. If you’re suffering from digestive issues, consult a doctor and decide upon a course of action. As you consider your approach – and with the guidance of a medical professional – spend a while here at drugstore.com and see what we have to offer!

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