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For Men

 –  Long-term health and well-being depends on a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition and regular physical activity. For many men, eating a healthy diet is a challenge due to the demands of work and hectic social calendars. These activities can lead to eating on the go or out in restaurants and making poor food choices. A vitamin supplement can help you get the proper nutrition that you need that is missing from your diet and help to promote good health.
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VirMAX Maximum Male Enhancement, Tablets- 30 ea
VirMAX - Maximum Male Enhancement, Tablets - 30 ea
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Walgreens Multivitamin Tablets Men 50+- 200 ea
Walgreens - Multivitamin Tablets Men 50+ - 200 ea
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Can Vitamins Prevent Cancer?

A study of approximately 15,000 male physicians demonstrated a modest reduction in the incidence of cancer in those taking a multi-vitamin than in those who did not take the supplement.

What Vitamins Do Guys Need?

Men's bodies have specific dietary needs, not all of which are the same as those of women. As a result, many manufacturers produce multi-vitamins specifically with the needs of men in mind. These products contain full regimens of vitamins and minerals that may help you meet your body's daily nutritional requirements without having to take multiple supplements. Some of the nutrients that many believe to be the most essential to men's health and that are often included in supplements are potassium, vitamin D, B vitamin complexes, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

What Is BPH?

The prostate gland is one part of a man's body that often causes concerns, particularly with age. Although doctors do not fully understand all the roles that the prostate plays in the body, it is known that the gland plays a role in ejaculation. Many men suffer from a condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) where the prostate becomes enlarged. This can lead to many symptoms, including frequent urination, a weakened urine stream and difficulty urinating.

What Can You Take For BPH?

While more research is needed to prove their effectiveness, nutrients like lycopene and selenium are believed to play an important role in prostate health. These nutrients along with herbs like saw palmetto, which has long been used as a folk remedy to alleviate symptoms of BPH, are found in prostate health supplements for men.

Sexual Health Supplements

Sex is an important part of any man's life, and when problems with sexual dysfunction occur, they can have profound effects upon a man's relationship and his self-esteem. Sexual health supplements for men may help to reduce some symptoms of sexual dysfunction by encouraging blood flow throughout the body, especially to the genitals. Other products are designed to help regulate sex hormone levels in the body to address sexual difficulties.

How To Choose a Supplement

Choosing a supplement for men requires careful research and consideration. No product that is available on the market can take the place of professional medical care, so the best starting point on your search for the ideal supplement is your physician. Talk to your doctor about your diet, your fitness routine and any symptoms that you're having due to medical conditions or the normal aging process. Your physician can advise you as to what supplements will best fit your needs and which will be the safest for you to take based on your medical history and what medications you currently use.

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