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 –  Through every stage of life, women require good nutrition to look and feel their best. Your diet is your primary source of the nutrients needed to power your body and promote well-being; but if you're like many women, you may find it difficult to squeeze in all of the essentials through the foods you eat alone. You may also have symptoms from women's health concerns to deal with on a daily basis. To help you maintain a higher quality of life, you may want to incorporate one of the appropriate women's supplements found here at drugstore.com.
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Should I Take Vitamins?

If you struggle to eat a well-balanced diet on a daily basis, a women's multivitamin can help you make up for deficiencies in key vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. These products are formulated with large blends of nutrients that are instrumental to women's health. From iron to calcium to folate to vitamin D, these nutrients can add to your healthy lifestyle and potentially help you maintain good health for years to come.

Vitamins For Breast Health

Breast health is an integral part of well-being for a woman. The delicate tissue of the breasts can often become inflamed and swollen due to hormonal changes in the body. Concerns about breast cancer are also an issue for women, particularly in families where there is an established history of the disease. Science is just beginning to study the effects of supplements on the breasts; however, early research indicates that some types of products, including those that contain vitamin D and evening primrose oil may promote healthier breast tissue.

Do Vitamins Help Regulate Hormones?

Hormonal levels play a large role in how a woman feels on a daily basis. During the week leading up to menstrual periods, many women suffer from premenstrual syndrome or PMS due to hormonal fluctuations and experience symptoms like water retention, headaches, fatigue and irritability. As women transition out of their childbearing years, menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia and vaginal dryness can develop due to drops in certain sex hormones.

Whether you're experiencing PMS or symptoms of menopause, taking a supplement (as directed) may help to promote healthy hormonal levels and potentially reduce uncomfortable symptoms. Some ingredients found in these types of women's supplements include red clover, soy, black cohosh and chasteberry.

What Are Prenatal Vitamins?

Reproductive health is an important part of a woman's healthy lifestyle at any age. During pregnancy, the nutritional needs of the body change. Prenatal vitamins are formulas that help women meet their needs for iron, folate and other nutrients and play an important role in a healthy pregnancy.

Supplements For Libido

Sexual dysfunction is another reproductive concern, as many women experience difficulties with arousal and achieving a satisfying climax during intimacy. For some women, sexual health supplements may offer some aid. These products may work in a variety of ways, such as by stimulating circulation to the vaginal area or by promoting a healthy hormone balance to enhance libido.

Talk to Your Doctor

Prior to starting on any vitamin or herbal regimen, talk to your family doctor or OB-GYN about your concerns. Depending on your previous medical history and the medications you take, some products may be more ideal for your needs than others.

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