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 –  Stress is an unavoidable part of life that comes with having a job, being in relationships and completing everyday tasks. Long-term stress or very severe stress can have many health consequences. Medical science has linked stress to a variety of health problems from headaches to muscle pain. Stress can also cause anxiety, irritability and other emotional symptoms. If stress is detracting from your quality of life, there are things that you can do to minimize its effects.
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Can Vitamins Reduce Stress?

Vitamins and dietary supplements can serve as part of the solution to stress management. Science has found a link between many nutrients and stress reduction. drugstore.com has a wide selection of stress management supplements.

Does Vitamin B Help With Stress?

One of the most commonly used supplements for stress management are the B vitamins. Some scientists belie that large doses of B vitamins can help to fortify the body against the effects of stress, making it easier for people to perform at work while experiencing fewer negative side effects from stressful situations, although more research is necessary to validate this belief.

A study conducted at Swinburne University of Technology in Hawthorn, Australia found that men who took B complex vitamins for 90 days reported feeling lower personal strain and a reduction in confusion and depressed/dejected mood.

Is SAM-e Good For Anxiety?

Another ingredient found in many stress supplements in S-Adenosyl-L-methionine or SAM-e. The chemical is a synthetic form of the substance methionine that is produced in the body. SAM-e supplements may balance chemicals in the brain, which some scientists think may promote positive moods despite stress; however, there have been no studies to validate this hypothesis.

Is Rhodiola Good For Depression?

A study published in 2007 in the Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, showed that patients with mild-to-moderate depression who took a rhodiola extract had some relief of symptoms of depression than in those who were given a placebo. There was a small human trial of rhodiola done at UCLA in 2008 that reported significant improvement in 10 people with generalized anxiety who took the herb for 10 weeks.

Can L-theanine Help With Anxiety?

Another nutrient that some scientists believe may bolster the body against stress is L-theanine. This amino acid is known to block key receptors in the brain and may help to promote positive feelings as a result. A study of 12 people at the Nagoya University Department of Psychology in Chikusa-ku, Japan, found that subjects who took L-theanine had a reduction in heart rate and salivary response when exposed to a mental arithmetic task as the stressor.

If you're unsure which stress management supplement is right for you, talk to your doctor. Together, you can determine which product is the safest for you and which option is the most likely to bring you results. You're sure to find whatever your doctor recommends here in the collection of supplements for stress management at drugstore.com.

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