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Vitamin B-1

 –  Good health starts with the foods that you put into your body daily, as the nutrients they contain are needed to help all of your organ systems, your muscles and your other body tissues thrive. Proper nutrition is not always easy in today's modern world, but drugstore.com can help you ensure that you're getting all of the nutrients that you need to fuel your body. If your doctor has recommended that you supplement with Vitamin B-1, we have an assortment of supplements in various doses to complement your diet.
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What Is Vitamin B1?

Vitamin B-1 is one of the eight vitamins that form the B complex and one of the 13 essential vitamins needed by the human body. Ensuring that you consume enough vitamin B-1 every day is important, as the vitamin dissolves in water and cannot be stored in any of your organs or tissues. Your body uses vitamin B-1 to assist with the conversion of carbohydrates into energy and to contract the muscles of the heart. Also called thiamine, vitamin B-1 is found in pork and in the organ tissues of animals. In addition, it is present in nuts and legumes. It may also be added to some grain products like bread, pasta, rice, and fortified cereals.

Do I Need Vitamin B1?

It is rare for healthy American adults and children to not get enough vitamin B-1 through diet alone; however, people who abuse alcohol, those with the digestive disorder Crohn's disease and individuals who are being treated with kidney dialysis may need extra vitamin B-1 in their diet to avoid symptoms of deficiency.

What Is Vitamin B1 Used for?

Vitamin B-1 supplements may be used by some people to help address symptoms of various medical conditions based on research that suggests that thiamine may offer health benefits when taken in extra quantities. People with cataracts, Alzheimer's disease, certain genetic diseases, diabetes or congestive heart failure may take vitamin B-1 supplements. More research is needed to fully prove that the supplement is beneficial as a complementary or alternative treatment for any disease or chronic condition. Talk with your doctor if you are interested in taking a vitamin B-1 supplement. He or she can help you decide if a supplement is right for you.

Benfotiamine vs Thiamine

Products sold as vitamin B-1 supplements may contain one of two nutrients. The first is traditional thiamine which is similar to the nutrient as it is found in its raw state in foods. The second is benfotiamine, a nutrient that is manufactured form of thiamine. While benfotiamine and thiamine have similar properties, they have been shown to act differently in the human body. Depending on your specific health and wellness needs, one type might be better for you than the other. Your doctor can help you determine whether you should be taking thiamine or benfotiamine to complete your diet.

Time Released vs Traditional Supplements

In addition to differences in nutrient type, vitamin B-1 supplements can differ in the rate at which they are absorbed by the body. Traditional supplements are digested and release all of the nutrients that they contain for absorption at once. Time-release supplements dissolve more slowly, providing smaller amounts of vitamin B-1 over a longer period of time. For some people, either form of vitamin B-1 supplement will be equally beneficial; however, your doctor may advise you to choose one type over the other.

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