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 – Roughly 25 percent of the population is plagued with thinning hair. There are a wide variety of reasons why the hair may begin to thin, including genetic conditions, a poor diet, weight loss, surgery, childbirth and the natural effects of aging. Whatever the cause of thinning, supporting hair growth with good nutrition can help to promote growth and address your symptoms of excessive shedding. Viviscal products are designed to support hair growth through both dietary supplementation and the topical application of beneficial nutrients.
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During the 1980s, a professor from Scandinavia began studying the lifestyle and health of the Inuit people of the region. During his study, the scientist found that hair thinning was rare among the indigenous people. In fact, most Inuits had very thick and lustrous tresses even though they did not use many of the daily hair care products that were utilized throughout the western world. Intrigued, the professor began to look for links between the health of the Inuits' hair and their diet and lifestyle.

After years of study, the professor managed to connect Inuits’ hair growth with their diet, which was very rich in shellfish. With careful lab analysis, the scientist was able to isolate the specific nutrients in the food that promoted healthy hair. He named the nutrient complex Amino-Mar, and this blend of amino acids and other healthy extracts from Scandinavian shellfish went on to become the key ingredient in Viviscal products.

The Viviscal collection includes dietary supplements that supply Amino-Mar and other essential nutrients to the body. Once absorbed, these nutrients can be used to support hair growth in individuals with thinning problems. In the initial pilot study for the supplement, Viviscal was shown to reduce hair thinning by 46 percent in the trial participants. Since then, studies have found that 75 percent of Viviscal users notice an improvement in hair thickness within 6 months of using the product every day as recommended. Special supplements are available to meet the dietary needs and address underlying causes of hair loss in both men and women.

In addition to dietary supplements, the Viviscal collection includes other types of formulas for individuals suffering from hair thinning and hair loss. Viviscal hair care products help to gently cleanse and condition the hair while treating the strands and scalp to essential nutrients. The company also produces products to help men and women improve the appearance of their hair when starting a supplement regimen, so they can get an immediate boost in self-confidence while waiting for the gradual benefits of the hair loss nutrients to produce results.

No matter what the official doctor's diagnosis for your symptom of thinning is, you can take steps to address hair loss. By adding supplements and hair care formulas from the Viviscal collection, you can help to manage your symptoms and ensure scalp and hair health for beautiful results. See for yourself how the scientific formulations in the Viviscal range can benefit your hair by shopping the collection here at drugstore.com today.

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